Thursday, October 17, 2013

Bragadaba by FLOROCKA.

Verse 1
Everyday na for thief thief o,
One day na for the owner of the house eh,
Everybody n
know say khaki no be leather, that's not the end of the matter,
Surely surely one day your tori go change,
(native language) Oya rora na gbalaja
Maintain your posting - Bragadaba
Anytime you pray o - Farabale
Everything you need Jehovah will bring,
The angels are working overtime on your matter o,
When your friends are fronting - Farabale
Oghene me will do your own o,
There is an appointed time for every man under the sun
Follow me sing my time has come to Bragadaba
My time has come to Bragado (2ce)
Verse 2
You see the beautiful thing about this world o, life is a rainbow
Many many colors,
Some be like violet, some be indigo, some be like yellow,
All na the same o,
Say dem first you start no guarantee say dem go first you finish,
E no matter at all at all,
(Native language) Se ni ko rora rinrin jeje jeje
Ladies and gentlemen here's the part of the song where you dance eh - 4x

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